Online Options

The advantage of online therapy is that it can be done at a time and place that suits you.  

Studies show that counselling by video calls, email or phone is as effective as face to face counselling.  

And according to surveys, there is a high level of client satisfaction with online counselling.  

We can interact via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, email or phone - whatever is most comfortable for you.



You don't have to be addicted to suffer from addiction...

If you are living with someone with a drug and/or alcohol problem you are no doubt experiencing great worry and stress.  You could be dealing with social isolation, the breakdown of relationships and financial concerns.  You may have tried and failed to find appropriate help. 

Addiction is difficult to understand and can leave people feeling hopeless – I offer support, some practical advice (the ‘dos and don’ts’ of living with addiction) and, above all, a non-blaming approach.

Couple in Winter Scenery
Working Coffee


Your personal and professional development...

As an experienced supervisor I can help you to: 

  • create a space to reflect on your practice

  • monitor your part in the therapeutic relationship

  • recognise that therapist self-acceptance is a pivotal aspect of client growth. The therapist must be self-accepting in order to accept the client.


Feeling heard and understood, being really listened to without feeling judged, can make such difference to the way you deal with life’s challenges.


There is a wide range of very human problems I can help you with, including:

loneliness, relationships and families, bereavement and loss, confidence and self-esteem, depression, addiction, anxiety and worry.

"There are many things that can be said and many actions that can be helpful, but nothing is more important than to listen - no helping act is more powerful."   William White 2014

“...when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

Carl Rogers